A Prophet's Tale

A Promise of Hope


Sages, cartographers, and explorers once wrote extensively regarding the area known as the Fallen Lands — a last remnant of Netheril that once lay along the western edge of the desert known as Anauroch. Then the Spellplague came, thrusting this area into great upheaval and leaving much of this territory shrouded in mystery.

Amongst the ancient ruins of Spellgard lies a castle that has never truly been abandoned. At the center of the castle is the Scepter Tower, which stands complete, a stark contrast to the overgrown rubble. Magic from the time of Netheril lingers in this tower, a remnant of the work of arcanists who warded the the chambers of old Saharelgard by magic locks that no one could defeat. Near the tower is a monastery which houses pilgrims, traders, and cut-purses. The seekers come in the hopes that they may glimpse the ghost of Lady Saharel, who is said to have the gift of prophecy, and ask her about the future.

A caravan is now traveling the east-west road towards Spellgard with a new host of seekers.


Skipethstopholese Skipethstopholese

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